Lost Spoilers: A Wedding Finale

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With most of the recent Lost spoilers revolving around death, we're happy to report a much happier spoiler.  During the Lost two hour season finale on May 13 there's going to be some wedding vows exchanged.

According to Ausiello Fils, an ABC insider told him that the Lost wedding is being filmed later today.  So who's getting married?  Ausiello only gave us two hints: the extras in the scene will all be of Asian-American descent and the wedding takes place on the mainland, not the island.

Now for two theories of who's getting married.  The first would be it's a flashback to Sun and Jin's wedding. Now the much more fun one is that it's a flash forward to the wedding between Sun and Jin's daughter, Ji Yeon, and Claire's son, Aaron.  This second, wild theory is actually support by previous Lost spoilers about a future Aaron and Ji Yeon from Dark UFO.

Sun and Jin

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