Ray Wise Previews the Return of Reaper

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Reaper returns with its second season premiere tonight.

What can fans expect over the next few weeks on this underrated hit? Actor Ray Wise - who stars on the series as The Devil - recently talked about the show with TV Guide.

Here are a couple excerpts from the interview:

Q: Is recapturing souls a high-stakes thing for him, or is he just having a blast?
Ray Wise: I think it's just kind of a blast, yeah. I think he really enjoys mixing it up here on Earth with human beings. ... And the more chaos he can cause while enjoying it, the better he likes it.

Q: At one point this season, Sam tries to hang out with him as a buddy and he seems a little shaken up. Why is that?
Wise: Well, I don't know that he's that shaken up... I think he has a plan for Sam and that he wants the relationship to develop in a certain way. And so, if Sam tries to step outside the devil's plan at any one moment in time, he wants to rein him back in.

Satan Himself

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