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The episode begins with Sam and the boys returnign from a road trip only to find out they've been fired from the Work Bench and evicted from their homes.  The guys first begin by looking for a place to stay, including trying Sock's house where an Asian girl is staying and doesn't recognize him, and they end up resorting to stealing sleeping bags and staying at the Work Bench.  The Devil finds Sam and shows him a group of twenty lost souls wrestling in some abandond warehouse that he needs to capture with his vessel, a cattle prod.

Back at the work bench, Ted walks in on the guys in sleeping bags on the floor.  He goes to have them arrested for trespassing but Sock manages to blackmail with his knowledge of Ted selling discounted produced from Work Bench under various company names.  The guys get their jobs back!  The guys go to scope out the lost souls and end up getting jumped by two of them that they barely defeat when they find out the cattle prod needs to be recharged between uses.  They guys run away and Sam tries to talk to the Devil about lightening his workload and even plays the nepotism card.  The Devil responds by giving him another twenty.

Sock manages to get into his house and find out the Asian girl is actually his new step sister.  The guys get drunk at Sock's house and try to brainstorm an idea on how to capture the souls.  They end up coming up with a plan to get the souls drunk and end up buying a bunch of beer and loading up a Work Bench truck painted like a beer truck and driving it to the warehouse.  The souls take the bait, get drunk, and torch the truck.  When the souls are all passed out, Sock and Ben lower Sam into the warehouse via a rope while he prods the souls quietly from above until his rope breaks.  When he lands on a soul and wakes up the group, he retreats until he finds a hose that uses to spray them all down and then he shocks the ground, capturing them all but one soul.

The last soul tells him he found a way to beat the Devil.  An excited Sam tells Andi, who's been refusing to forgive Sam for going on a four week road trip without telling her, and she forgives him and they kiss.  An excited Sock gets invited to the bedroom by his step sister he thinks likes him only to find out she's just happy to have a brother.  The epiosde ends with Sam being in a good mood as he talks to the Devil, pissing the Devil off.

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm gonna be honest, your trip sounds like a real snore fest, did you at least get a hooker in Reno?


Andi: If there was a life or death situation, would you call Sock?
Sam: Probably not
Andi: If you wanted someone to make you toast, would you call Sock?
Sam: No