Mad Men Season Three Spoilers: Premiere Date, Time Jump

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The third season of Mad Men will premiere in early August.

We'll pass along the exact date when AMC announces it.

Betty Draper Picture

Betty Draper ended season two with a baby on the way. Where will this story pick up in season three?

As for what fans can expect from season three, words of advice: don't expect tidy resolutions to the second season finale's cliff-hangers - i.e. Peggy's admission to Pete and Betty's pregnancy - because the show is likely to jump ahead in time again.

Hmmm... what 1960s historical events might serve as a metaphorical backdrop (as the Cuban Missile Crisis did in Season 2)? Perhaps a certain Presidential assassination.

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Mad Men Quotes

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Stan: Now we all know you don't have plans for Valentine's Day.
Peggy: Oh.
Ginsberg: She has plans, just look at her calendar. Friday, February 14th. Masturbate gloomily.