More Fringe Spoilers, Scoop from Anna Torv

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With Fringe finally returning with a new episode this week, star Anna Torv is making the publicity rounds.

Last week, the actress spilled a number of secrets regarding the future of the first season.

Gun Toting

Now, Torv has opened up to Zap2It about a handful of topics, foremost among them: Olivia's past and Olivia's future with Peter...

On Olivia's back story: "We do start to find out what was done to her when she was little, and we also start to figure out what - I think that the episode where she turns the light box off, that's been shown, hasn't it? ["Ability" aired on February 10] - when you find out that she maybe has some special ability. We do get to delve a little bit into that, to work out why she has that ability or superpower, or if it's something that's been done to her...

I'm terrible at these plot questions because I never know how much to give away or not, so it sounds like I'm being really shifty, but I'm not. I'm just trying to compute what's illegal. No, not illegal, but what's OK to say."

On whether Olivia and Peter will ever hook up: "I hope that they sort of stretch it out for as long as possible. I think that's what makes it kind of fun when it's like, 'Oh, are they or aren't they? What's going on?' I think there needs to be a few more close calls before they, you know, start heading down that track, because then you've got to break up and get back together again and the whole bit, right?

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