Reaper Recap: "I Want My Baby Back"

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On last night's Reaper, Sam was able to dispatch the lost soul pretty quickly, but dealing with her baby she left behind was a whole different issue. 

Known as IBOH (Intentional Birth Out of Hell) in the Reaper universe, these babies must return to Hell just as their lost soul parents do.  So was good guy Sam able to send an innocent baby to Hell just because the Devil told him to?

Andi, Tony and the Baby

Find out what happened to the baby, how Morgan ended up on a date with Andi, how Sock went through a chemical castration, and what happened to Sam's dad in our "I Want My Baby Back" recap.

Here's some of our favorite Reaper quotes from the episode:

Gladys [about the baby]: Oh, an IBOH.
Sock: What's an IBOH?
Gladys: Intentional Birth Out of Hell. It happens. Souls have been known to escape from Hell to have their children here. Better schools | permalink
Sock: You know, it's like your talking. I can hear the stupid words coming out of your mouth but they have no meaning. | permalink
Ben: Take me and Nina.
Sock: Nope.
Ben: We're friends, but we have our sexual side.
Sock: Yeah.
Ben: But then we keep it it in a box and take it out when we need it. We enjoy it. We play with it. Then we put it back in the box when we're all done.
Sock: There is no box that contain this sexuality, Ben. All right. Uncontainable. That's how I was born. In fact, the delivery room doctor said I was the sexiest baby she'd ever seen | permalink

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Hey, no shame in community college, K-Fed. I almost went


Sam [about the vessels]: Wait. So, they're not all little vacuums?
DMV Demon: The boss gives you the vessel he thinks you can handle. You must be a real moron