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Sam is given a wooden stake to go after the latest soul... a woman who thought she was a vampire.  Sam quickly disposes of her but is left behind with her baby.  When he goes to drop the soul off to Gladys she informs him the baby is an IBOH and it's his responability.  Sam takes the baby home to take care of it and luckily Tony (Ken Marino) happens to swing by to warn Sam about those demons that came after him episodes ago.  It turns out Tony and Steve always wanted to adopt when Steve was alive.  Tony decides to take the baby off their hands and raise her as his own.

The Devil tells Sam that he's needs the baby's soul.. it's destined to be evil.  Sam and the guys go to Tony's for lunch and trick him to leave the house and leave them alone with the baby.  They're trying to figure out how to stab the baby when Tony comes back in, turns into his demon form and proects the baby.  They decide they're going to make the Devil not want the baby by babtizing her.  They go inside the Church to do an emergency baptism and suddenly the carriage starts drifting away and across the street into an abandoned store where the Devil is waiting with a fiery pit to hell.  Sam manages to convince the Devil that the baby will grow up to be evil and affect more people on Earth and to let it live.

Meanwhile, Sam's dad is back in this episode and trying to spend more time with Sam but he keeps blowing him off.  Sam's mom won't take his dad back because she thinks it's his fault he ended up a zombie.  Sam kinda does too.  After the Devil's nurture vs nature speech, Sam realizes that it was his dad that raised him to be the good guy despite him being the devil's offspring.  He let's his dad crash in his garage.

Morgan (Arnie Hammer) is also back and tricks Andi into going on a date with him, thinking it's Sam due to an ambiguous note.  When Andi arrives, she gets ready to take off and Morgan slips that Sam is the Devil's son.  Andi gets pissed at Sam and puts him on the worsts tasks at work.  She seems to be close to forgiving him when she's willing to pretend to be the mom during the baptism with him.

Sock is still sexually frustrated with his sister and considers going for a "chemical castration."  He goes and picks up the pills but she convinces him to stay the way he is.  They end up playing racquetball to decrease stress.

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Reaper Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Mr. Oliver, I'm really really glad that you're alive and everything but... I just about had a heart attack. I think I might still be having one.


Dude, it's freezing in here. What the hell man? Hear that sound? That was my nipples crystallizing into diamonds on my chest

Sock [entering Sam's car]