Bradford Anderson Forecasts Future for Maxie and Spinelli

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Will Bradford Anderson ever win a Daytime Emmy Award? We certainly hope so.

But in the actor's recent interview with TV Guide Magazine, his personal achievements weren't our focus.

GH Stud

Like other General Hospital fans, we wanna know about Maxie and Spinelli. Will they ever be an official couple? Anderson spoke on that issue, as he addresses an upcoming scene where she catches him in a clinch with Mercedes and grows  jealous.]

"She even refers to Spinelli as her 'boyfriend' and he really perks up at that. He says, 'Has a subtle but profound shift taken place that I’m unaware of? You’re referring to me as your boyfriend, now?' Of course, she doesn’t commit to that term but she’s coming around a bit," Anderson said.

"This is Maxie, so things can always turn on a dime. But at least for now, they’re allowing her to invest emotionally - at least a little bit - and start to feel safe.

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