Brian Austin Green Bailing on One Tree Hill Gig?

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The idea of Brian Austin Green on One Tree Hill was warmly received by most fans of the long-running CW cheesefest. However, EW says the deal may be unraveling.

Word is Green's reps got spooked by the negative spin some bloggers were putting on their client doing One Tree Hill. As a result, they may be getting cold feet.

Seriously, Brian Austin Green? At this point in your "career," you are going to walk away from a regular gig that nets you at least $1.5 million a season? When your claim to fame is the equally cheesy Bevrly Hills 90210? What possible reason would he balk?

We don't get it. Unless Megan Fox is not a fan and threatened to withhold lovin' from him if he joined the cast of One Tree Hill. That's the only excuse we will accept.

Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox

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