Clothes Over Bros - One Tree Hill Season 4 Episode 21

Boys come and go, but Brooke and Peyton's friendship was the real love story of the first four seasons of One Tree Hill.

We Were Here - One Tree Hill

The gang returns to the River Court one final time after graduation and promise they will be friends forever.

Nathan FINALLY Makes It - One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 24

Nathan Scott's one dream was to be a player in the NBA, and we FINALLY got to see his dream come true.

Leyton Ride Off Into The Sunset - One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 24

Lucas and Peyton's love story was one for the ages, and they finally got their happy ending after their wedding and the birth of their daughter.

Haley James Returns - One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 22

Haley James makes her return to the stage at the Grand Reopening of Karen's Cafe. Such a full circle moment!

B.Davis Gets Her Happy Ending - One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 22

Brooke had wanted to be a mom since One Tree Hill Season 5, and she finally was able to get her wish with the birth of her twins.

Together One Last Time - One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 13

The gang gets together to support Jaime at his basketball game on the One Tree Hill series finale.

Number 12 - One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 13

James Lucas Scott follows in his father's footsteps as he takes the court as a Raven at Tree Hill High School.

Nathan/Haley Scavenger Hunt - One Tree Hill Season 1 Episode 8

Nathan and Haley buying each other lingerie on Brooke's scavenger hunt.

One Tree Hill Poster 2

Poster For Television Series One Tree Hill from IMBD.

It's A Wonderful Life - One Tree Hill

Lucas is George Bailey, and Uncle Keith is Clarence

The Real Derek - One Tree Hill

After believing an imposter was her half-brother, Peyton's real-life brother, Derek, comes to her rescue.

One Tree Hill Quotes

I found my other half.


Jerry: Dude, were you really just plunging toilets?
Mouth: Yeah, we really gotta stop serving tamales at happy hour.
Jerry: You know how guys are, huh?
Mouth: It was the girls' bathroom.