One Tree Hill Series Finale Clip: The Girl Brooke Became

Bring your tissues, One Tree Hill fans. You are going to need them for the series finale, as evidenced by this clip.

Raising Hill

Halloween comes to One Tree Hill on the episode "Not Afraid." Take a look at the surprising visitor that resurfaces for Brooke and Julian in this CW preview.

Wedding Talk

This is a romantic clip from "We All Fall Down," as Brooke and Julian talk about their wedding. Check it out now.

We All Fall Down Promo

What's on tap on the next episode of One Tree Hill? This 20-second preview sheds light on "We All Fall Down."

The Space in Between Promo

The typical One Tree Hill shenanigans are on the way on this episode. Get an early look at "The Space in Between" via this official CW preview.

OTH in Ten

Got ten seconds on your hand? If so, you can get psyched for the new season of One Tree Hill via this short, fun video.

OTH Finale Clip

The One Tree Hill season finale will air on Monday, May 17, 2010. But you can check out a clip from this monumental episode right here and now!

OTH Season Finale Promo

Things are NOT going well for Haley as One Tree Hill heads into its seventh season finale. This is the official promo for "Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You."

A Surprise for Clay

Clay comes home to find an unwelcome intruder in this clip from the 5/10/10 episode of One Tree Hill. "My wife is dead and she's not coming back," he says.

What's In the Ground Belongs to You Promo

Haley is in serious trouble on this episode of One Tree Hill. It's titled "What's In the Ground Belongs to You" and it also featured Clay dealing with Sara.

Tub Time!

Relax, Julian. That's the message being sent to this hunk in this clip from One Tree Hill. Oh, did we mention he's naked and in the bathtub?

Learning to Fail Promo

A sex tape on One Tree Hill? That sounds about right, doesn't it? Watch this promo for "Learning to Fail" to see how this plays a role on the 5/3/10 episode.

One Tree Hill Quotes

I found my other half.


Jerry: Dude, were you really just plunging toilets?
Mouth: Yeah, we really gotta stop serving tamales at happy hour.
Jerry: You know how guys are, huh?
Mouth: It was the girls' bathroom.