Michael Emerson: Mum on Lost Spoilers

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You want Lost spoilers? Don't ask Michael Emerson for them!

“I know exactly as much as you do at this point,” the actor, who plays Benjamin Linus, told Access Hollywood last week. “Honestly, and I won’t know another thing about it until two days before the cameras roll and they give me a script. And I’m sure it will make my hair stand on ends when I see it.”

John Locke, Ben Linus

Okay. But what about the conclusion of season five? As Ben went being the ultimate manipulator to actually being taken advantage of by the phony John Locke?

It was a change Emerson didn't see coming.

“It was kind of cool and it crept up on me. Suddenly, I found that I was a sad little follower, powerless and without resources. It was unusual. But you have to think, with Benjamin, the wheels are turning nonetheless and he is looking for a break. And the breaks will come to he who waits.”

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