Weeds Recap: "Super Lucky Happy"

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It was a typical week in the life of Nancy Botwin and her family last night on Weeds.

Shane sold pot to his teacher; Silas finagled his way into a location for his medical marijuana store; and Andy impersonated his dead brother, only to run into Judah's first, insane girlfriend.

As for Nancy, her Mexican drug lord of a baby daddy at least treated her with some respect for a change. That's always nice to see.

Read a full recap of "Super Lucky Happy" and learn about the likely death of one key character.

Work It Out

As always, there were a few classic Weeds quotes in this episode. Among our favorites:

Andy: Is it ok to impersonate your dead brother and pseudo-steal some money if you're gonna use the cash for the family's greater good? | permalink
Shane: You stuck your penis inside my mother at least once.
Nancy: Ok, then. Good night, Shane. Go upstairs. | permalink
Celia: They were going to sell my gallbladder to the Japanese. Fortunately, my body is a toxic pit. | permalink

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