Gregory House to Remain "Same Human Being," Producer Promises

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Yes, Dr. Gregory House is headed for the loony bin.

And, yes, producer David Shore told E! News, the two-hour season six premiere will take place "exclusively within the institution."

But fans don't need to worry that all therapy, medication and exposure to fellow crazies will change the House we all know and love.

"The implementation of that and the success of that is a very open question," Shore said to E! Online. "House is not turning into a different human being - I say this reassuringly to the audience - he is the same human being, who is perhaps more aggressively trying to make a better life for himself."

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But can House really change for the better? And do viewers even want him to? Said Shore:

"I think that he's incredibly self-aware, but he has many masters, internally, that he has to serve."

Once the character makes his way home, and to the hospital, again, Shore added:

"We then go back to more typical episodes - I hate to use that word typical - but we're following up on House getting his license back... We want to be honest about this; we want to follow through on what happens to House in an honest way."

Earlier today, of course, Laurie was nominated for his fourth consecutive Emmy Award. Well deserved, we say!

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