Nurse Jackie Recap: "Steak Knife"

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While viewers saw the usual side to Jackie this week (pill-popping, affair-having, life-saving), they were introduced to an entirely new Dr. O'Hara.

In place of the biting, sarcastic remarks was a downtrodden state that even included a couple Xantax for Jackie's BFF.

Read more about it via our recap of "Steak Knife."

Doctor and Nurse

Among our favorite Nurse Jackie quotes from the episode were...

Jackie: I had a fight with my boyfriend.
Mo-mo: That is just wrong. How do I not know you have a boyfriend?
Jackie: Honey, you do all the talking!
Mo-mo: I do, don't I? | permalink
Mo-mo: So, what happened?
Jackie: I didn't realize it was our anniversary and that makes me a terrible person.
Mo-mo: Anniversary?
Jackie: Yeah, it's been a year.
Mo-mo: A year? Wow, I had no clue.
Jackie: Neither did I. | permalink
Zoey: Can I at least take the knife out?
Jackie: No, Zoey. Never remove a foreign object protruding from a patient. The surgeon does that, you understand?
Zoey: (whispers) But it's so tempting. | permalink

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Nurse Jackie Quotes

Don't ever say "ta-da." The only people that say "ta-da" are magicians or idiots.

Jackie Peyton

Percoset should never be crushed and chewed, unless you want it to hit your system like a bolt of lightening. Which is only a problem if you're afraid of lightening.

Jackie Peyton