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Neither Jackie nor Dr. O'Hara had a pleasant time of it this week.

First, Jackie was given a present she wasn't remotely ready for. Eddie handed her a bracelet in recognition of their one-year anniversary; which, of course, she completely forgot. At first, Jackie didn't really accept it and didn't even know what to say.

Eddie made a remark about how she only uses him for pain medication, which led to a fight and a break-up. It also led to a conversation between Jackie and Mo in which the former finally admitted to her friend that she has a boyfriend. He has no idea, of course, that Jackie also has a husband.

After Eddie and Coop had a funny exchange, the pharmicist actually let Coop keep Jackie's bracelet; but just for a short period of time. Jackie eventually apologized and this couple seems to be doing well again. For now, at least.

As for O'Hara, we finally saw a side to this doctor that wasn't focused on sarcastic remarks and expensive meals. She was in a bad mood all day, even popping a Xantax in front of Jackie to calm herself down.

Near the end of the half hour, she admitted that she didn't wanna go home and came back to Queens with Jackie. As she got drunk, it was unclear exactly what was going on with O'Hara, but Jackie's husband mentioned something about how O'Hara's step-father sounded like a "criminal." Interesting.

The episode ended with Grace getting ready to go to her first day of private school.

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Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Jackie: Zoey, come here. Put your hand on here. Hold it firmly.
Zoey: I can do that. Sorry, I'm just saying I could do more important things here.

Jackie: (to "God"): Stop picking on my nurses! Alright, pick on criminals, pick on white guys!