Ugly Betty Interview with Ana Ortiz

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When Ugly Betty returns this fall, it's been pushed to the dreaded Friday night primetime lineup.  However, star Ana Ortiz certainly didn't think it's a problem in her interview with E! Online.

The following is an excerpt of some of our favorite question and answers.

E! Online: So do you ever get sad that you don't get to work with some of the show's big guest stars?
Ana Ortiz: Yes! I always tell the producers, 'They have to come to Queens! Every once in a while, you've gotta bring some of these fabulous guest stars to Queens. Or else let us go to Mode once in a while!' But yes, I get jealous of the guest stars; I get jealous of the clothes they get to wear. Vanessa Williams is always walking around in the most fabulous, gorgeous things, and then I go to my closet, and it's like wah-wah.

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E! Online: Speaking of guest stars, how was working with Ralph Macchio?
Ortiz: It was really fun. I remember him from back in the day, and I was a little starstruck at first. But he's so normal. He's so down the earth. He's a dad, he's a husband and he's such a New Yorker. He's so New York. It's hysterical.

E! Online: There's been a lot of moving on this show, first from L.A. to New York, and now to Fridays at 9 p.m.
Ortiz: I think it's really where it's supposed to be. Next season is going to be more New York because we're going to a later time slot at 9 p.m., so they're really going to push the envelope even more. I'm just really excited.

You can read the rest of the interview at E! Online.

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