Entourage Recap: "Murphy's Lie"

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On last night's Entourage, E finally got caught by Ashley in his little white lie about seeing and speaking to Sloan.  So was our favorite little manager able to talk his way out of it?

Meanwhile, poor Turtle has to sit through way too many takes of Drama kissing his girlfriend, Jamie Lynn Sigler, on screen for his show, Five Towns.  So why was it Drama that went crazy during the episode?

Drama and Jamie Lynn

Find out in our Entourage recap of "Murphy's Lie" and then check out some of our favorite Entourage quotes by Ari Gold and the rest of the group.

Ari: What are you doing buddy?
Jonah: I'm waking you up with my mind!
Ari: Good work! | permalink
Lizzie Grant: I was out working.
Ari Gold: Working who?
Lizzie Grant: Jon Stamos, and I signed him!
Ari Gold: With his pen or his c**k? | permalink
Ari [to Lizzie]: You so much as eye f**k another agent in this building and I will deport you naked to the Taliban. | permalink

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Entourage Quotes

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Deny 'til you die pal

Ari [to a man who just lied to his wife]

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