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Drama and Jamie Lynn film their kissing scene for Five Towns, while poor Turtle watches with disgust.  After the scene, the studio exec, Dan Coakley, comes to thank Jamie for going on the show and makes a lunch date with her.  Convinced Coakley is going to sleep with Jamie, Drama goes undercover and spies on their date.  When Drama returns to set, his co-workers further fuel his fire by telling stories of Coakley sleeping with their women.  Crazy Drama hops in a golf cart and heads off to Coakley's office.  He storms in and interrupts an important meeting screaming whether he slept with Jamie or not.  Coakley comes out, explain he hasn't, but now he plans on it.  After Drama grabs him by the neck, Coakley tells him he's going to have him killed on the show.

Meanwhile, Turtle and Vince head to Turtle's first day of class.  While Turtle is busy learning, Vince meets some random girl and heads back to her dorm room.  Back there, she films them as they get it on.  Sex type plotline coming up anyone?

Meanwhile, just after getting forgiven by his wife, Ari heads into the office and gets a surprise visit from Andrew's wife, Marlo Klein.  Marlo goes crazy looking for the whore that ruined her marriage until Ari is finally able to calm her down.  Ari summons Andrew and Lizzie into his office and tries to fire them both.  After Lizzie explains she's done everything he said and was the one to call it off, he let's her stay.  Andrew, pathetic as always, begs for his job and Ari tells him to go home to get take back his wife.

Eric, who the episode is named after, goes to Ashley's to confess that she was right, that he called her Sloan.  After he explains he hasn't been with Sloan since they've been together, she forgives him until she sees Sloan calls while he's in the shower.  She checks the voicemail and finds out E lied and was actually with Sloan the day before.  E comes out of the shower to find Sloan, err Ashley, gone.  E heads into the interview with Murray after being unable to reach Ashley.  He takes the job offer and goes over to Ashley's that night.  He eventually gets to talk to her in person and admits he still has feelings for Sloan and gets the door slammed in his face.

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Entourage Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

You so much as eye fuck another agent in this building and I will deport you naked to the Taliban.

Ari [to Lizzie]

Lizzie Grant: I was out working.
Ari Gold: Working who?
Lizzie Grant: Jon Stamos, and I signed him!
Ari Gold: With his pen or his cock?