Fred Armisen Coming to Parks and Recreation

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Saturday Night Live star Fred Armisen will be reuniting with former late night co-star Amy Poehler on her new comedy, Parks and Recreation, on NBC this fall.

According to Entertainment Weekly, an episode that begins shooting this week, Armisen will play Poehler’s counterpart from Pawneee’s sister city - with a twist.

“Leslie arranges for [Armisen and his colleagues] to come for a visit, but they’re from Venezuela,” Parks and Recreation executive producer Michael Schur said.

“They’re very confused because in Venezuela the government is so powerful; their parks department travels with military escorts and motorcades and stuff."

Fred Armisen Picture

Fred Armisen is crossing over from SNL to Parks and Recreation.

"They have all the money in the world because of their oil and they [don't understand at all] why Pawnee’s parks department is so small time and rinky-dink.”

Schur says Armisen and his fellow Venezuelans “take a real shine” to Nick Offerman’s Ron “because of his mustache. They call him El Jefe the whole time.”

As ridiculous as it sounds, it's Parks and Recreation. From the people who brought us The Office, and sandwiched between it and 30 Rock. So just go with it!

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