Ian Somerhalder Sheds Light on Damon Salvatore

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Having seen the pilot of The Vampire Diaries, we can confirm that Damon Salvatore is one evil blood-sucker.

But is there more to this mischievous brother? Yes, according to the actor that plays him.

Ian Somerhalder says viewers will "see different sides" to his character as the season progresses. How come?

Because "he feels as though he was hurt very badly in the past, and wronged very deeply, so he's ticked off and he's ready for some vengeance," the actor said in a recent interview with iesb.net. "The whole idea is that Damon has lost all humanity."

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So, he's not just really, really mean and selfish?

"He is lonely," Somerhalder said. "He's the most lonely person I've ever known. Imagine being 170 years old. However old you are, at this point in time, imagine thinking about how much you know about life and quadrupling that, and seeing all the people you've ever known die around you. That probably makes you very cynical and lonely."

Get your first glimpse at this mysterious character when The Vampire Diaries premieres on The CW on September 10.

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