President Allison Taylor to Return to 24... Alone

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There's good news and there's bad news for Cherry Jones fans:

The actress will return to 24 next season, but her screen time will be reduced.

Through 11 episodes of filming so far, producer David Fury said the character hasn't been featured very prominently.

"We haven't used her enough," Fury said. "These stories take on a life of their own and can veer away from people we most want to see. She's vastly under-utilized."

President Allison Taylor

As for her eighth season storyline, President Taylor may feel lonely in January: the first daughter won't return (she's presumably she's in jail) and neither will the first gentleman (presumably due to a divorce).

Meanwhile, Taylor is seeking a peace agreement with a Middle Eastern leader when 24 comes back on the air.

Jack Bauer is actually happy for a change, but that won't last long: circumstances bring him and Renee Walker back into touch with the president, as they all aim to stop an assasination attempt.

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