Chevy Chase Dishes on Community Character

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Lost amidst the publicity for highly-anticipated new dramas such as FlashForward and The Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights, NBC is debuting a new sitcom titled Community.

It stars Joel McHale, John Oliver, Chevy Chase and it looks hilarious.

Chase spoke on his character of Pierce in a new interview with E! News. What is this older millionaire doing in community college?!?

"I'm just assuming it's because he never finished his degree," Chase said, although he admits the allure of young girls doesn't hurt, adding:

"That's what I told them I see in him. He's a guy who wants to go back into his 20s and go after girls. But I'm not so sure we're in that direction yet. All I can tell you is what we've been shooting is funny."

Pierce Photo

Based on a couple previews, here are a few of our favorite Community quotes so far:

The Dean: I thought you had a degree from Columbia.
Jeff: Yes, and now I need to get one from America. | permalink
Abed: This is kinda like Breakfast Club, right?
Pierce: Is there breakfast? | permalink
Jeff: The state bar has suspended my license. They found out my college degree was less than legitimate. | permalink

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Community Quotes

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