Harold Perrineau: Unlikely to Return to Lost

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Numerous characters are coming back to Lost for the show's final season.

Expect to see Claire, Boone, Charlie and Shannon either on or off the island at some point next year.

But we doubt the same can be said for Harold Perrineau, even though the actor would gladly come back to the series... again. (Remember: Michael left the island and then returned to try and save his friends, only to be blown up on a freighter.)

Michael, Lost

“Nobody’s said anything to me and I haven’t asked,” Perrineau told TV Guide Magazine. “One of the great things I always thought about Lost is I back up and I let them do the thing that they’re really great at doing. They’re really great and creating drama and creating their show. And this way I don’t have to ask ‘Hey, what’s this? What’s that?’ I don’t ask any questions, I just show up and I let them do what they do. They’re good at it.”

That being said, we can't imagine the show asks the actor to reprise the role of Michael once more. He's already gone out in a heroic, fiery blaze.

But if his phone did ring?

“Of course I would show up! Are you kidding me? That’s my people!”

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