Californication Recap: "Verities & Balderdash"

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Women invariably find Hank Moody's personality appalling and then absolutely irresistible. It is unbelievable!

In "Verities and Balderdash," Hank is winning over the University women, and even bringing Becca back on his side. Charlie must also be learning some tricks from Hank, as he is beginning to work some magic on Marcy, but he inevitably screws things up as only Charlie Runkle can.

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Our favorite Californication quotes from the week included:

Hank: Do we think the ladies have gone too far with the sex positive feminism? I mean I know they're all down with the pornography and the shaved pudenda and what not, but do we really think this is the path to liberation? | permalink
Hank: Are you sexually harassing me right now? Because if you are, I think I'm going to have to report you - for giving me a serious boner. | permalink
Hank: She's not much one for chatting - texting, yes - twittering, tweeting, twatting, staring solemnly at the old man. | permalink
Becca: Sometimes I think I'd be happy to stay a virgin forever. Seems like once you get laid -
Chelsea: Your life basically turns to s**t? | permalink
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Californication Quotes

Nobody likes you. You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny. Now smile, you f--cking douche!

Hank Moody

Welcome to the place where time stands still, where whiskey flows and always will. Your liver never pickles your heart never aches. You can fuck till your dick is cunt-ent.