Cougar Town Review: "A Woman In Love (It's Not Me)"

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We're not entirely sure why, but when Jules found out that her young boyfriend, Josh, loved her, she had to dump him on last night's Cougar Town.

Josh Embraces Jules

Perhaps that's our biggest issue with the show.  We're not really sure how we're supposed to get into these characters when they seem to have no depth or consistency.

Jules, who seems to not want one night stands and waits ten dates to sleep with Josh, suddenly dumps him when he develops feelings for her?  So when did she wants this to become a booty call?  Eleven dates in?  Cougar Town fans, correct us if we're wrong and sound off in the comments below! 

Don't worry, we still find the show somewhat entertaining, and as usual have a detailed recap for you of "A Woman In Love (It's Not Me)."

To shed off the rest of the negativity, check out some of the Cougar Town quotes from the episode below:

Laurie: There's nothing in your purse except three hundred dollars
Jules: That's five hundred, that's my half of a stupid bet bobby bet
Laurie: No, this feels like three hundred. My brother sold pot for six years | permalink
Laurie: When I want to end it with a guy, I sleep with his best friend... or brother. Brothers are good because if the guy was hot, chances are the brother is too. Best friends are a crap shoot. | permalink
Ellie: You totally had sex last night
Jules: How'd you know
Ellie: I'm your best friend, I know these things, plus there's a condom wrapper on your back
Jules: Oh, is it just the one?
Ellie: Good god, Jules
| permalink

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