Greek Review: "The Wish Pretzel"

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WOW! Was tonight's episode not one of the best so far? There was so much drama going down at CRU, and all during a school vacation! There were so many things to love about this episode:

Did anyone notice the Amphora banner in the background? The acronym for the secret society is SECRET: Students Engaged in Charity and Recognizing an Enhanced Tomorrow - pretty cheesy, but I appreciate it.

Even though there was tension between Dale and Rusty, I really liked this storyline. Of course, we know they'll make up, but it's nice to see realistic story lines where friends have hiccups in their relationships and it's not all physics and giggles all the time. And some people think that science is just science - it's not!

There's a lot of personal drama going on behind the scenes - tons of emotions, and Rusty and Dale do a great job portraying the passion and betrayal of the scientific community.

The Wish-Pretzel Picture

The gang has the most pathetic Thanksgiving dinner ever - but who hasn't had one of those? I especially liked the microwaved pizza with turkey sausage, and of course, the pretzel wishbone (hence the title of the episode, "The Wish Pretzel") - getting the big end of the pretzel is much more rewarding than getting the larger part of a turkey bone.

Most of all, I was digging the romantic drama. But when Evan started putting the moves on Casey, I cringed - I totally didn't want anything to happen between them and I'm so glad it didn't (sorry Evan!). I think I held my breath during the entire scence in Casey's bedroom when Evan tried to put a move on her. Evan really didn't know any better when Casey was spending half the night trying to convince him to invite Cappie over?

And FINALLY! (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Cappie and Casey - reunited and it feels so good! I also held my breath during this scene - we have been waiting for this all season!!!

Cappie is definitely the romantic hero, in my eyes. Do you agree, or do you think Casey is better off with Evan or even someone like Max? How can you not love Cappie!!! Tell us what you think when you read the recap of the tonight's episode.

Below, we've compiled our favorite Greek quotes from the week:

Evan: Hey, so you going home this weekend?
Cappie: Nah, my parents don't believe in celebrating Thanksgiving. They side with the Native Americans - and the turkey, as vegetarians. | permalink
Rebecca: I care about old people! I watch Desperate Housewives! | permalink
Beaver: You don't want to prank the Omega Chis? It's like bizarro Cappie!
| permalink
Cappie: I want to try this again. I want to be with you.
Casey: I want to be with you too.
| permalink
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