Heroes Rundown: What Worked on "Hysterical Blindess"

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For weeks, we were convinced that the Claire/Gretchen kiss on Heroes was nothing but a ratings ploy.

And, after seeing it on the episode "Hysterical Blindess" last night, we aren't convinced otherwise. Unless the show actually follows up, and draws out, this storyline, it was a waste of time and a cheap publicity stunt.

But we've covered that negative aspect of the show in depth.

Sylar, Reborn

For a change this week, we're gonna focus on a pair of encouraging developments from the latest episode, both of which involve the one and only Samuel:

  1. Bravo to the invisible sorority rush chair girl, Becky Taylor. For awhile, we feared there was no real point to the apparent suicide of Claire's first roommate. But it was refreshing to see a storyline come full circle and to learn that Becky has been working for Samuel all along, manipulating the world around Claire to put her towards the carnival.
  2. Sylar is becoming a bit bland on his own, so we're excited to see him paired with Samuel.

Still, even these two positives do beg the question: Is it a problem that the most fascinating character on Heroes is someone we've only known for a few weeks?

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