Jennifer Carpenter on Dexter Season Finale: "Everything Changes"

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Through five episodes of season four, a lot has gone down on Dexter.

Frank Lundy has been killed; Rita has discovered Dexter's apartment; Angel and Laguerta have gotten it on, numerous times.

But star Jennifer Carpenter (Deb) tells TV Guide Magazine that more major changes are on the way. Simply put, she said:

“Everything changes at the end of this season. Dexter will never be the same.”

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The actress added that she had to sneak onto the set to see what went down on the season finale (airing on December 13. Can she reveal anything about it?

“Let’s just say maybe all of our trailers won’t be there next year.”

Whoa. Does this mean the show might actually kill off Rita, as many have speculated? We'll need to tune in to find out.

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