Taub, Thirteen to Return to House

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While Jennifer Morrison's Cameron is definitely on her way out, two other House regulars will soon be returning to the show.

E! News is reporting that Taub and Thirteen will rejoin the team on the season's eighth episode, which airs next month.

The installment in question features a porn star case that House takes advantage of to seduce the pair of doctors back into Princeton Plainsboro.

Thirteen and Taub

Meanwhile, House is off next week, but will return on November 2 with an episode that centers around a medical conference.

During this hour, look for House to discover that Cuddy is dating Lucas (a returning Michael Weston), his former private eye. Let's hope it's not enough to send the evolving doctor back into the loony bin.

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House Quotes

Chase: Did you ever love me?!?
Cameron: I don't know.
Chase: Thank you for finally telling me.

House: We are condemned to useless labor...
Dr. Wilson: Fourth circle of hell. Charting goes a lot faster when you eliminate all classic poetry.
House: Writing down what we already know to be read by nobody. Pretty sure Dante would agree that qualifies as useless.
Dr. Wilson: You're over two weeks behind in your charting...
(Dr. Cuddy approaches them, and House throws a piece of paper towards her)
House: Oops... I missed!