Castle Creator Teases Future Episode, Romances

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Will Castle and Beckett ever get together?

It's the question foremost on the minds of most Castle viewers.

In an interview with TV Guide this week, series creator Andrew W. Marlowe said: maybe... eventually... definitely not yet.

First, as previously reported, Alyssa Milano will guest star on the show as Castle's ex. Marlowe previewed the episode:

"A bridesmaid is murdered at a wedding, and Castle shows up on the scene where his old flame is the bride," he said. "It sets off a story about doubt and second chances, which creates an interesting love triangle for the episode."

Dead Dealer

As for Castle and Beckett's future as a couple? He replied: "We always want to play fair with the audience... but you have to handle it carefully. Our intent is to continue to mine the fun of what we have right now."

Regarding the immediate future, Castle next airs a new episode on December 7. It centers on a dead art gallery dealer. Check out photos from it below:

The Fifth Bullet Scene
The Castles
In the Art World

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