Don and Betty Draper Are Over

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Good luck ever getting Mad Men spoilers out of creator Matthew Weiner.

He's more tight-lipped about his show than anyone on TV.

But in an interview he gave after the incredible third season finale, Weiner did address the future of Betty and Don Draper. How come? Because he doesn't consider this a spoiler. It's so clear, he said...

It’s so unambiguous to me that this marriage is over, but the audience seems to cling to the idea that they should be together because we want to believe in those things. The marriage was not good. It was built on a lie and the lie was exposed. In the end, Don coming clean really damaged his relationship with her, more than the lying, her seeing who he actually was.

Couple at Dinner

I do believe when he says his mother was a 22-year-old prostitute that Betty is looking at something that is very far from what she had planned for herself... That was the whole story of the season. When Henry Francis came on to her… a switch went off in her head of what was missing in her life, which was a true, romantic attachment.

In the end, that combination with her gut feeling that something wasn’t right in her marriage and finding out the truth, they don’t belong together anymore, kids or not. You’ve got to take it pretty seriously when someone’s flying to Reno to get a divorce.

Will January Jones remain on the show as Betty? Viewers will need to wait a long time for that answer.

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