Elizabeth Mitchell Speaks on Likely Lost Return

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Starting tomorrow night, Elizabeth Mitchell will anchor V, a wildly-anticipated new drama on ABC.

But Lost fans that have been mournig the death of Mitchell's Juliet can take comfort: despite her starring role on another series, and despite the atomic bomb that exploded to conclude season five, Mitchell will return for a few Lost episodes in 2010.

Juliet and Sawyer

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress spoke on her character's (quasi) death scene and on what Juliet might be up to when we see her next...

On season five's concluding scene: “At the time, I didn’t think I was ever coming back.  So for me it was just a really big goodbye and easily heartbreaking.... It was really primal... I love that we got to see all of her rage, because to me, that’s what’s driven her. To have the calm exterior, I always had to have that underneath. 

"That’s what made playing her kind of hard in my personal life because there was so much unexpressed.  So I’d be on the way home, Agggghhhhh!, crying or screaming.  That was the very first time that we got to see her naked - besides being in love. We actually got to see all of that pain and rage that had been built up for some time.

On Juliet's return: “It’s probably exactly what you expect, but because it’s [producer Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse], you know they’re just going to turn it on its ear.”

Cuse, meanwhile, has this tease for Lost fans: “There’s still something very significant that we have not yet learned about the character."

Man. Is it January yet?!?

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