House Review: "Ignorance is Bliss"

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Typically, episodes of House that focus on anyone other than the show's title character fall flat. We still cower in fear over the prospect of Foreteen getting back together.

But, while "Ignorance is Bliss" was primarily centered on House's struggle to win over Cuddy, the installment veered into the personal lives of Chase and Taub a couple times. Both were successful.

No one wants to watch an hour of Chase brooding over Cameron, but his rude responses to everyone's attempts to help were insightful and, really, pretty funny. It culminated in Chase actually punching out House - which also led to a great exchange between this pair when Chase apologized.

Taub's storyline, meanwhile, also offered insight and humor into an otherwise boring individual. Until now, all we've known about his marriage is that he once cheated on his wife and she forgave him.

Not exactly original, ground-breaking material. But Mrs. Taub's concern over her 40-year old husband's status on House's team was legitimate, and Taub's deceptive way of calming his wife's fears were hysterical.

Cuddy, on the Defensive

House's storyline was actually the most unsatisfactory.

Since its incredible, two-hour season premiere, the show has depicted House as a man torn between who he used to be and who he wants to be. It's a realistic struggle and it's given Hugh Laurie fresh ways in which to play the character. But it hasn't always made for the most dramatic television.

Last night's back-and-forth with Cuddy felt very eighth grade-ish. Does he like me? Does he not like me? How do I impress her? These issues could be interesting when either side is playing funny games with the other, as House implied he would when he first told Wilson of his plan to break her and Lucas up. But then he simply showed up at Cuddy's sister's home for Thanksgiving.


The series has also neutered Lucas. He was a devious, funny House-like character when we first met him. Now he's just Cuddy's boyfriend. Anyone could be in that role.

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