President Logan: Returning to 24!

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If Tony Almeida can return, anything is possible...

A Fox press release has confirmed that Gregory Itzin will be reprising the role of villainous President Charles Logan on season eight of 24.

Late in the season, current commander-in-chief Alison Taylor (Cherry Jones) will reluctantly enlist her disgraced predecessor to help with a growing diplomatic crisis.

President Logan

Logan played a major role in a terrorist scheme during season five of the drama. He was last seen getting stabbed by his mentally unstable ex-wife, Martha, on season six.

24 exec producer Howard Gordon told Entertainment Weekly the opportunity to watch Jones and Itzin go head-to-head “was simply too compelling to pass up.”

As for Tony, he's safely in custody, following the events of last year. At least we assume that's the case - but we'll be tuned in to the 24 season premiere on January 17 just to be sure. (And because Jack Bauer is our hero.)

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