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Patrick J. Adams is returning for more episodes of Suits Season 9 -- the final season of the USA Network drama series. 

The cabler dropped a brand new trailer for the final four episodes of the series during a special re-airing Suits Season 1 Episode 1

Mike is Back - Suits Season 9 Episode 5

Adams departed Suits following the show's seventh season, but returned on Suits Season 9 Episode 5 and went head-to-head with Harvey on a case. 

But now, he'll be sticking around as he and Harvey pull off "one last con" in order to save the firm. 

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There's no telling how many of the four remaining installments he'll be part of, but Mike does have a big part in this new trailer. 

Mike tells Harvey that they managed to con the world for years, setting up their last con before the final curtain falls on Suits. 

Harvey Tries to Impress George - Suits Season 9 Episode 4

But things appear to go wrong and Harvey finds himself arrested. Yes, really. 

It appears as though the sins of the past are coming back to haunt Harvey because being arrested seems like the tip of the iceberg. 

Harvey is not one to change his ways, however, saying the following:

“Every line I’ve ever crossed, I’d do it again,” he says. 

This comes after he punches Sean Cahill. 

Samantha Tries to Save Her Career - Suits Season 9 Episode 6

Then there's Alex who questions whether Donna is bringing him into illegal activity. 

Donna says that it needs to be done, leading us to wonder what Alex will have to do. 

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If you thought Samantha was out of the narrative, then you thought wrong. 

Samantha meets her father for the first time, and there are sure to be fireworks. 

Katrina Takes On an Old Lover - Suits Season 9 Episode 6

Watch the full clip below and hit the comments with your thoughts on it. 

Remember you can watch Suits online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Suits continues Wednesdays at 9/8c. 

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Mike: Rachel.
Rachel: He told me to get rid of you.
Mike: Good.
Rachel: Why good?

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Donna: Thank you again for what you're thinking.
Dr. Agard: And what is that?
Donna: That he never would have come to see you, if it hadn't been for me.
Dr. Agard: You really can do that.