Private Practice Review: "Slip Slidin' Away"

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Last night's Private Practice featured four story lines barely connected to each other. We'll examine the ups and downs each in our review of "Slip Slidin' Away" below ...

Addison is treating a woman for stage four ovarian cancer, but the woman won't go to the hospital until someone she trusts agrees to watch Milo, her cat. Naturally.

We now have Addison becoming crazy cat lady. She's not quite Angela from The Office, but she gets into it. It's cute. Also cute? The oncologist, Dr. Brian Reynolds.

He asks her out and she accepts. Unfortunately, they then discover that their patient has passed away. Addison fears she may end up as Lily, dying alone with a cat.

Kind of cliched, but entertaining enough all around.

Addison, Cat Lady

Naomi meets Dr. Gabriel Fife, a wheelchair-bound specialist in complex implantation in high risk groups such as little people. He's a bit arrogant but quite brilliant.

Dr. Fife and Naomi clash over “designing” a baby for a couple who hired Fife behind her back. Nae feels she’s being asked to do a procedure that is morally wrong.

Of course, she can't confront or talk back to Dr. Fife because he’s in a wheelchair. But ultimately she does - and he's impressed. And she comes on board with him.

Anyone else think these two have the makings of an interesting couple.

Charlotte is upset because she has no patients. Cooper tries to help by going into a chat room and finding a few folks who may be in need of a good sexologist.

Charlotte catches on and says she doesn’t want pity patients. Cooper argues that it isn’t pity, it’s a referral. He was only trying to help. Charlotte comes around.

Seemed a bit like filler, but who doesn't love them some Cooplotte!

Cooper and Charlotte Pic

Pete treats Barbara, who is seriously depressed. Her fiance, Jimmy, desperately wants her to get better. Violet suggests a way to end the depression right now: Electroshock.

The procedure takes a few seconds and Barbara wakes up no longer depressed. But she also doesn’t know who Jimmy is. Or so she says. Violet believes she's faking amnesia.

V's theory is that something bad happened with Jimmy and she blocked it out. But Jimmy is so nice! Together, Violet and Pete decide to lie to Jimmy to spare the guy's feelings.

When Violet says memory and emotion get all wrapped up with each other and it’s hard to pull them apart, one gets the impression she's not-so-subtly talking about them.

We think they're not together, and she thinks this is for the best. We're not so sure.

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