Sons of Anarchy Review: "Service"

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It was a touching Sons of Anarchy all around, with old friends reuniting, fathers and sons patching things up, and husbands and wives remembering their old spark.

The latest episode - which we've recapped in detail - saw SAMCRO start to patch things up. Now, they are all on the same page and focused on one goal: revenge. Ethan Zobelle's days must be numbered. Read below for a full review of "Service."

What Worked: Gemma's Guns
With an assault on Zobelle likely and their gun pipeline shut down, the crew turns to their personal stashes for weapons. When Tig tells Gemma this, she simply replies, "I'll get mine" and heads to her world famous hat boxes full of pistols.

What Didn't: Prospect's Nuts
Perhaps he was better off as One-Nut. It turns out that the Prospect's testicle implant is not going well. In fact, it's so bad that he drops his pants in front of Tara to show the good doctor his swollen, infected region. Unfortunately, Bobby, Clay and Tig all walk in at that very moment, leading Bobby to remark that Prospect's package looks like "elephant nuts". Tig, not nearly as witty, simply vomits at the sight.

Sorrow for Morrow

What Really Worked: Piney: Husband and Father
Piney's presumed goodbye to Mary was as touching as the old man can be. He told her that with all his drinking and womanizing, he was never a good husband or father, and that Opie's mistakes are his fault. He tells her to help Opie out and then gives her a soft, gentle goodbye kiss.

What Really Didn't: Tig: Relationship Guru
Perhaps if it wasn't Tig giving the advice, and perhaps if Tig hadn't been about to seal the deal with Gemma earlier in the episode, the advice he gave to Clay would have worked. But something about slimy Tig telling Clay that Gemma needs to know that he still wants her felt wrong. Even though the advice worked and Clay and Gemma patched things up. Still, creepy.

What Really, Really Didn't: Gemma and the Father
Gemma meets a priest outside the support group and asks him if he believes that God forgives people for the bad things that they do. The priest had told her that he had once been an addict and has gone 21 years without using heroin. I bet after having to listen to Gemma ramble on about forgiveness, he was looking for a spoon, a lighter and some rubber tubing to tie his arm off. Not that we know how to do that or anything.

What Really, Really Worked: Jax and his brother
With Donna's death now out in the open, Opie knows why Jax had been at Clay's throat the entire season. The two make amends and get back to where they should have been all along, as each other's blood brother. Jax tells Opie, "I need you, bro." Opie responds, "I'm here, man." Then these two tough guys hug it out. Jax gives Opie his father's journal (seriously, is this thing a bestseller yet or what? It might as well be called "Going Rogue: A Biker Life"). With these two together again, SAMCRO can only be headed someplace good.

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