The Good Wife Review: "Unorthodox"

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Alicia Florrick has worst luck with men than Pamela Anderson.

The issues with her husband are well-documented, but on this week's episode of The Good Wife, she was betrayed by her co-counsel. More professionally than personally, but Alicia had grown to admire the fellow attorney that didn't turn out to be an attorney at all.

Read all about it in our recap of "Unorthodox."

With the Orthodox

The episode was another nice showcase for Julianna Marguiles, who is on her way toward another Emmy nomination.

We doubt we'd nominate the storyline involving Alicia's son for any awards, however. The Good Wife works well as a character study of Alicia, as well as a basic legal procedural. There's not really a need to spice it up with conspiracy theories, especially when they're investigated by a 12-year old.

Keep it simple, CBS. Keep highlighting Alicia's struggle at work and at home and we'll keep coming back for more.

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