The Good Wife Review: "Unprepared"

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This week's episode of The Good Wife prompts us to ask readers a question:

Would you prefer if the show focused more on its legal procederual side, or its mystery side? The installment "Unprepared" dealt mostly with the latter.

Sure, Alicia and the firm defended a client accused of setting arson to her lab, but the case played second fiddle to Peter's bond hearing and the growing conspiracy against him.

Peter and His Lawyer

While these storylines have always played a role on The Good Wife, they've never been featured so prominently on a single episode. On one hand, we're intrigued by who is setting Peter up, for what purpose and what will be the fallout for all involved.

On the other hand, The Good Wife has grown into a solid, simple procedural. We've enjoyed the added element of Alicia's unique position and the sprinkling of hints here and there surrounding Peter's past/future.

But we'd prefer if those storylines always remained in the background. Not every show needs a long-term mystery to keep viewers interested. A character study of Julianna Marguiles' great character, combined with the interesting weekly case, is enough for us.

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