V Review: "A Bright New Day"

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Wake up, America! The next, great, suspense-filled mystery drama is not FlashForward. It's V.

For the third week in a row, the series delivered an exciting hour of television, complete with intrigue, double crosses, surprising reveals and a never-aging Scott Wolf.

Follow the proceeding link to get caught up on the episode "A Bright New Day" and read our review below to find out why we like this show so much...

Actual chill moments: Few dramas can pull off true shocks anymore. There are too many spoilers, too much poor writing. But we audibly gasped last night when the Visitor treating Dale turned out to be part of The Fifth Column. We didn't see that coming.


Great acting: Elizabeth Mitchell, Scott Wolf, newcomer Morena Baccarin as Anna. Just three episodes in, all these stars already inhabit their roles completely. We've almost forgotten that Mitchell was ever on Lost.

Relevant, debate-filled storylines: V deals with issues of faith in a confusing world; terrorism; political leaders and the hope they offer. Beyond mere intrigue over what will happen next, viewers can debate the meaning behind various characters and plots and relate them to real world issues.

Following this week's new episode, we're left with the following questions:

  • What does it mean for a Visitor to be connected, as Cyrus and Ryan discussed? How does one become disconnected?
  • Who is John May? Was he the aforementioned Visitor turncoat?
  • What exactly happened to Georgie's family?
  • What do Lisa and Anna have planned for Tyler?
  • How incredibly hot was Lisa in her lingerie?
  • Is Dale really gone for good?

Chime in now with your thoughts on this questions and on the show in general. Are you as fascinated by it as we are?

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