White Collar Review: "All In"

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Neal always seems to find himself in the middle of trouble, and this week, nothing has changed. I've never seen a guy so good looking and...well, he's really good looking.

Neal finds himself in the middle of an organized Asian crime scene in the heart of Chinatown. It is nice to see White Collar shoot at different locations - it's New York people! Empire State Building, Little Italy, Soho, Greenwich Village just to name a few off the top of my mind...take advantage man, take advantage. 

We do have a few things that we love and hate in this week's episode. To start off, we will go with the sweet:

  • The bond that is continuously increasing between Peter and Neal. Soon, they will be the Bert and Ernie of USA.
  • The amount of beautiful women each week that flirt with Neal and as always, get turned down. Not only is he super hot and sexy, but he's a one woman kind of guy..swoon.
  • Neal's ability to think quick on his feet - he's not only got the looks, but the brains too!
Neal Caffrey Promo Pic

Now, for what we could live without:

  • The continuous cat and mouse game that Kate keeps playing..we get it's the only consistent theme throughout the episodes, but we do believe there should be something more to what we've got to work with. Maybe if we could see what Kate is up to and learn more about her character it would be okay. Now, it just seems silly and a weak storyline.
  • Elizabeth's character. Something needs to change - we expected so much more from Kelly Kapowski! At the very least some steamy sex scene's with her hubbie Peter - or better yet Neal!

Like the saying goes, the sweet wouldn't be as sweet without the bitter.

Although we are sad to be winding down the episodes before the season finale, we are very excited to be finding more and more about Kate and her whereabouts. Although it wasn't much, this week in "All In", we do learn from the double crossing Asian that Kate was taken by the FBI.

Could this mean it's a good cop - or a bad cop?! We're betting on bad cop...but, who knows?! Only time will tell..until next week, we leave you guys with a few of our favorite White Collar quotes:

Neal: What's next partner?
Peter: Don't call me that. | permalink

Elizabeth: Another all nighter?
Peter: I married a perceptive woman.
Elizabeth: I married a predictable man. | permalink

Neal:(referring to Peter's silly socks) Are those standard FBI issued? | permalink

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White Collar Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

(referring to Peter's silly socks) Are those standard FBI issued?


Neal: Washington's love letters?
Mozzie: Seriously, I don't know why you stole those in the first place.