Better Off Ted Review: "Love Blurts"

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The season two premiere of Better Off Ted certainly had a lot to live up to after the phenomenal first season of the ABC sitcom.  So did guest star Taye Diggs and the rest of the Better Off Ted cast pull it off?

Well the theme of the episode was that Veridian Dynamics was matching its employees with their perfect genetic matches to ensure lower health costs.  Ted and Linda were each matched with seemingly perfect mates, Danielle (Virginia Williams) and Greg (Taye Diggs).

Taye Diggs on Better Off Ted

However, their plot lines turns out to be a little weaker than their good looking mates.  Ted's escalating set of lies felt like a generic sitcom and didn't have the Better Off Ted quirkiness we love.  Greg, meanwhile, certainly was crazy enough to be on Better Off Ted, but the joke about him being a bear was just not fleshed out enough to be funny.

Luckily, Veronica's pairing with Lem and the entire story behind Phil and his long lineage of Mymans was hilarious enough to save the episode.  The season two premiere, "Love Blurts" was certainly entertaining and we look forward to season two.

All we ask is bring back the quirkiness and the strangely absent Veridian Dynamics commercial.  That's normally the highlight of the episode too.

Now for our favorite Better off Ted quotes from the premiere.

Ted: So, Veronica, the company wants genetically compatible employees to pair up? Is this the first step in trying to breed someone tall enough to change that light bulb in the lobby?
Veronica: Why do you think there's always some dark motive behind everything the company does? Did the corporation once touch you in a place that made you uncomfortable?
Ted: When they rolled back my pension, I definitely felt it between the cheeks.
Veronica: Okay, fine, this whole thing is about money. Happy now, Mr. Cynical?
Ted: Well, technically, Mr. Cynical can't be happy. It's his power and his curse. | permalink
Ted: So to save money, the company is getting involved in people's sex lives? They may regret that, like when they tried to replace food in the cafeteria with food pellets.
Veronica: Unlike eating those pellets, this is not a mandate. Anything that starts with the word "whee" is just a fun suggestion. Like the Constitution and "Whee the People." | permalink
Danielle: Hi, I'm Danielle. The company feels very strongly that we should "whee..." have unprotected sex with each other.
Ted: Oh, you're that Danielle. You're, you're on my compatibility list. Yes, apparently we would make very cheap, durable children. | permalink
Ted: The thing is, I want to keep seeing Danielle. I really like her.
Veronica: What's not to like? She gullible and slept with you on the first date. If her mom's not fat, I say throw a ring on it. | permalink

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Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ted: Phil, just because they use the word "whee" doesn't mean it's a good thing. Remember "Whee! It's Pension Rollbacks"?
Phil: Oh, actually that was fun.. until they rolled back our pensions.

"Whee... Love is in the Air." Well, gee, genetic engineering is romantic. That's why it's so often used as a prom theme.