NCIS Spoilers: Tony and Ziva in Paris!

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Whether they're hoping for a romantic spark to flare up or just enjoy the inter-office banter, NCIS fans love Tiva. But will Tony and Ziva's relationship change or remain status quo?

Producer Shane Brennan more or less said recently that the dynamic between the characters played by NCIS cast members Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly would remain as is.

Which was fine. But now, get this:

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly reports that the January 26 episode finds Tony and Ziva hopping a plane to the most romantic city on earth. The city of light, and of love.

That’s right, Ziva and Tony in Paris!

You wouldn't believe it, but as if that weren't enough, their French hotel totally screws up the reservation and the two bad-ass agents end up ... gulp ... sharing a room together.

We take this to mean one of two things: 1. Their relationship changes dramatically, or 2. The number of hilarious wise-cracks and slightly mispronounced words rises dramatically.

Either way, it's a win-win for fans!

Tony and Ziva

Do you prefer Tony and Ziva as is - or as potentially something more?

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