Brothers & Sisters Round Table: "Run Baby Run"

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In our review of "Run Baby Run," we discussed the awesomeness that is Kitty's planned venture into the political ring, as well as the new romantic interest in Sarah's life.

Below, our staff members analyze and discuss these and more of Sunday evening's developments in further detail in our weekly Brothers & Sisters Round Table ...

1. What was your favorite Brothers & Sisters scene last night?

The Barnacle: Any in which Scotty tried to keep a worried Kevin from strangling or handcuffing Michelle. So basically, any scene involving Scotty, Kevin and Michelle.

L.J. Gibbs: When Robert told Kitty to forget about the House seat and take his place in the Senate. I wasn't even sure he'd approve of any run - let alone such a big one!

M.L. House: The dinner party argument over the middle school search issue. I love when they introduce topical debates in the context of the show's great characters.

Brothers & Sisters Round Table

2. Do you like Sarah and Roy together?

M.L. House: Love them! Okay, so he's no Luc in terms of physical attributes, but he's nice, smart, composed and confident enough to take on a Walker dinner party!

L.J. Gibbs: They're great. The chemistry between them is so natural and that a viewer can feel like they're in that PTA meeting or sitting next to Sarah at her house.

The Barnacle: Eh, he's okay. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with Roy, I just wished Gilles Marini would have stuck around. Looks like I'm in luck next week!

3. Kevin's neurosis: Annoying or endearing?

The Barnacle: Kev really gets annoying sometimes, but you sort of come to expect it and learn to manage it - something Scotty certainly seems like an old pro at!

M.L. House: Endearing. Come on, it's Kevin! He's maddeningly Type A and super competitive, but a softie at heart. All he wants is the best for the baby in the end.

L.J. Gibbs: You can't have one without the other with Kevin Walker. Fortunately, the more patient, balanced Scotty knows how to run point and run interference when it comes to Michelle ... and everyone else Kevin has to deal with.

4. Does Kitty have a future in politics?

The Barnacle: Not sure. On one hand, she's a natural, on the other, a novice. She's also going to have to run statewide instead of in the Republican-leaning 54th!

M.L. House: For sure. I loved how the show switched Kitty's and Robert's roles by not having him run for reelection, but did so in such a way that he didn't even know Kitty's intentions (or the talks about the House seat) until after he made the call.

L.J. Gibbs: Heck yeah. Her experience with cancer made her seize the day, so to speak, so it's no shock that Kitty would want to take life by the horns, nor is it a surprise that politics is her arena, following success as an author and TV commentator.

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