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Sarah has started hanging with Roy, the single dad she met last week at Paige's science fair.

At a PTA meeting, Sarah expresses her opposition to a proposal to search students and finds out that Roy headed the committee that suggested it.

They get into an argument about it in front of the other parents and it's clear the subject isn't closed.

Nora comes to pick up Sarah at school after her car won't start and Sarah feels defeated in the relationship arena after her fight with Roy.

She's convinced that his hurt ego over their disagreement will keep him away from dinner that night. He ends up showing up anyway and the whole family decides to show up at the same time.

It gets better when Roy discloses that he's republican.

Robert's team, including Kevin, is trying to urge him to have a fundraiser. He wants out of politics. Kitty lets it slip to a friend that she may want to enter a California congressional race.

At Robert's press conference announcing that he won't run for reelection, a journalist asks about the rumors that Kitty has expressed a desire to run for Congress.

Kitty tells her friend that it was wrong that she spread the rumors about her running for office. Kitty tells her that she's not running. Yeah, right. We know you, Kitty!

Michelle is back as Kevin and Scotty's surrogate,. The doctor implants two embryos in her, orders bed rest for two days and tells her she has to abstain from sex for 16 weeks.

Um, she's not happy about that at all. When Scotty drops her at home, he finds out that she has a gas leak in her apartment. He decides she has to go somewhere else.

Back at Sarah's house, Kevin continues butting heads with Michelle over sticking to her bed rest. Scotty, not surprisingly, is trying to be easier on her. Trying to be.

Nora volunteers to take care of Ojai's taxes after Saul fouls it up. Saul discovers Nora at his desk doing the taxes. He's annoyed by Sarah and Nora's meddling.

Sarah tells the family about her disagreement with Roy over searching students. The family splits on the issue, but, interestingly, not along their usual party lines.

Kevin finds out Michelle has a boyfriend and he runs up to talk with her. Turns out Michelle's boyfriend is totally supportive and Kevin sees he needs to lighten up.

Meanwhile, Saul confesses that his irritable disposition is a result of a recent realization that he has become too old to achieve his goals.

Kitty tells him that if there's one thing she learned from her recent illness, it's that it's never too late to go after what you desire.

Elsewhere, Sarah tells Roy that part of the reason she blew up at him was that he touched a nerve in her.

Saul has taken Kitty's advice and joined a dating service to meet other "silver studs."

Kevin tells Kitty that he approves of her running, but that she needs to talk to Robert.

When she does, Robert is supportive - of her running for his newly vacated seat!

Brothers & Sisters
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Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

I would be right there with you, and we would kick ass.

Robert [to Kitty]

Nora, the last time you dated someone he went to jail, remember? So if I were you, I'd take a breath.