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Last night, the Syfy network debuted the much anticipated series premiere of its Battlestar Gallatica prequel, Caprica.  While very different from the original series, this prequel tells the story of how the Cyclons were created and the destruction of Caprica and is set 58 years before the series.

We're going to spare Caprica the cruel fate of comparing it to the original series, and instead will review the two hour premiere on its own.  Overall, Caprica did a great job in terms of production value with impressive special effects and superb acting by an impressive cast that includes Eric Stoltz.

Eric Stoltz and Esai Morales

The world we're introduced seems to be very in depth with an underground war going on between monothiests (seen as the terrorists) and the dominant polythiest.  In addition to religious wars, there also appears to be a heavy amount of racism between the Capricans and the Taurans.

It's the latter that seems to fuel the two main characters and families of the show.  The rich and powerful Graystones hail from Caprica, while the Adamas are originally from Tauran and are only brought together by the tragedy of both losing their children to a bombing.

While some of the overtones may seem a little too obvious, we think these overall themes along with Caprica's obsession with technology that will lead to an interesting series.  The pilot did a great job of hooking us and we know we'll be tuning in all season.

Luckily, from here on out, M.L. House will be taking over reviewing, but for now, this author can tell you he was shocked how much he was hooked.  Now while I go try to find my own way to escape to a holostream, enjoy the following Caprica quotes from the premiere:

Daniel Graystone: You can see your daughter again. Isn't that worth whatever price you have to pay? | permalink
Sister Clarice Willow: Sometimes faith can be a victim of chance. | permalink
Joseph Adama: She's a machine...
Daniel Graystone: She's a copy... a perfect copy...
Joseph Adama: You can't copy her soul... | permalink

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Caprica Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

You can see your daughter again. Isn't that worth whatever price you have to pay?

Daniel Graystone

Sometimes faith can be a victim of chance.

Sister Clarice Willow