Damon Salvatore Scoop: Will He Reconnect with Katherine?

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On last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, viewers were treated to a softer side of Damon Salvatore. At least until he murdered a former fling in cold blood.

Does this mean the character might actually transition into a good guy? Not exactly, Ian Somerhalder says.

"I don't think it will go all the way to that place," the actor told TV Guide this week.

But he does seem to have a connection with Elena. Will that continue as the series goes on?

Damon at the Dance

"Damon only has fun," Somerhalder said. "There's something about him that makes Elena fun when she's around Damon. As crazy as she is and as much as she tries to hate him, he makes her smile sometimes. I think maybe she might start trusting Damon if he presents it to her that she can."

But don't expect true romantic sparks to fly any time soon. Somderhalder confirms that Damon only yearns for one woman: Katherine.

"That's his girl," he said. "That's all he wants. It's love... He's waited 150 years to get his girl back. He finds her at some point fairly soon."

Sorry. Guess we should have included a Vampire Diaries spoilers alert before posting that quote. But did anyone think Katherine would really remain tomb-bound forever?

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