Fringe Review: "What Lies Below"

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This week’s episode, “What Lies Below” had us on the edge of our seats for the entire show.  We couldn’t believe that Peter’s life was on the line and feared for the worst.  How could Fringe possibly go on without cute Pacey from Dawson’s Creek lighting up the screen?  We know the show would not be the same without him!  Thankfully his father was able to save the day.

Right from the beginning, this episode completely frightened us.  We loved the suspense and horror created by the 75,000 year old virus.  Who knew a tiny super bug from the past could be so devastating and scary?

As a semi-hypochondriac, I hope nothing like this ever surfaces in my lifetime!  People please remember to wash your hands and stay away from a stranger’s blood and bodily fluids. 

Oh, and when washing your hands please do so for as long as it takes you to say your ABC’s in your head! 

What Lies Below Scene

We also loved hearing the confirmation given by Walter that he couldn’t “let Peter die again”.  So, putting it all together, Peter must be from the “Other Side”.  I wonder if there is another Walter searching for his missing son that “our” Walter has apparently taken.  We can’t wait to see this storyline unfold.

And what would the Fringe do without Walter and his ability to solve all the problems they face?  He really is the star of the show!  How was he able to figure out the cure to this deadly virus was something as simple as sulfuric acid?  Thankfully Walter and his Einstein brain are around to help, or the Fringe team wouldn’t be able to do too much on their own! 

This episode left us thoroughly entertained and ready for next weeks wild ride!  We just hope to learn more about the “Other Side” storyline and maybe see a Watcher or two in the near future.  Fringe is such an amazing show and definitely one of our favorites!

We leave you with some of our favorite Fringe quotes from last night's episode:

Astrid: Inside, upstairs, when you said I can't let Peter die again. What did you mean by that?
Walter: Some things are meant to be left alone. | permalink

Peter: I'm sorry.
Olivia: You weren't yourself.
Peter: Lucky for me that you were. | permalink

Astrid: Walter what can I do?
Walter: I can't let Peter die again. He's going to. They all will. There's nothing I can do about it. | permalink

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I thought that was the point of having people in your life, to have someone to talk to when you are scared.


Walter: I, as chairman of biochemistry at Harvard have little patience for small minded bureaucrats.
Broyles: Walter that's not helping.