Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Blink"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table discussion! Below, our panelists break down some of the burning questions we're left with after this past episode.

Topics for our "Blink" Round Table include memorable moments, Derek being Derek, Addison's latest visit, and the fallout from the docs' various romantic dalliances ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

M.L. House: When Alex told Meredith he was "moving on," following the statement: "Turns out your stupid Post-It is 10 times the marriage my church wedding ever got to be." We just wish the show would follow suit and kick Katherine Heigl to the curb.

Mrs. Northman: "I'm too young to be a grandma. I'm supposed to work like a dog, come home and do stupid things." Alex: "I know something stupid you can do." Oh yeah! As much as I like both parties with their past significant others, I love it when a new romance changes things up! And, roommate sex? Almost as hot as birthday sex!

iheartizzie: "She's like a racehorse. She has to be pushed constantly. Otherwise, she's gonna lose her mind." Cristina Yang in 17 words, ladies and gentlemen!

L.J. Gibbs: Bailey to Derek: "You wouldn't be starting a conversation about my personal life, would you? Bad idea? Bad idea!" The Derek-Bailey dynamic is my favorite non-romantic relationship on the show. I loved when he tried to set her up.


2. The semiannual Addison visit: Always a treat or always trite?

L.J. Gibbs: This one gets mixed reviews from me. I love Addison and she was great last night, however this story seemed like it could've been condensed to just Grey's Anatomy, with her completing the surgery the first time. It felt a little forced bringing Mark to L.A.

Mrs. Northman: Trite - I like Addison and all, but keep her on her own show. It makes watching a "dramatic scene" stretched out to cover both shows. I think that is just a waste of time and obviously just a ploy to get us watching Private Practice.

M.L. House: Always hard to believe. Mark calls her in the morning, she drops her coffee, gets right on a plane and is wanting to set up Bailey within six seconds of arrival? Come on.

iheartizzie: Always a treat! Kate Walsh was one of my favorite Grey's Anatomy cast members, and this way I feel like she never really left. Plus, Kate and Eric Dane? Hot!

3. After their respective actions, will Mark and Lexie get back together - and will Izzie and Alex stay together?

Mrs. Northman: Hmm... tough call. I think it is a possibility for Mark and Lexie to because c'mon! Who is Mark to judge someone on something like that. But Alex and Izzie ... I don't think so! There's no way Izzie is coming back.

iheartizzie: No and no. Three of the four had sex with someone else in the last 24 hours.

M.L. House: No and no. Mark might return and want Lexie back, and the same might go down with Izzie - but as soon as the "stupid thing" (a.k.a. Alex) Lexie did gets revealed, both relationships will be over for good.

L.J. Gibbs: Based on the Grey's Anatomy spoilers I've seen, it looks like Katherine Heigl returns next week, only to leave again. Not hard to put two and two together there.

4. Now that he knows Richard's drinking, how will Derek respond?

M.L. House: Like the Salingers with Bailey back in the day on Party of Five: with an intervention.

L.J. Gibbs: Did he even find out? It sounded like he was about to until my crap-tastic DVR cut him off in mid-sentence. Then, oddly enough, my recorded Private Practice began with that show already in progress! Someone explain that one!

iheartizzie: He's not going to take it well. Not only is this bad news for the hospital, Derek is still not over the merger/Chief business from earlier this season. It's personal.

Mrs. Northman: Derek will be Derek and step in. He always has a will to help fix things and I think that he generally cares for Richard's well being. Gotta love McDreamy!

Rich Webber
The 1 and Only McDreamy

Somehow, we're guessing the ongoing feud between these two is about to get worse.

NOTE: Our Private Practice Round Table from last night is now live as well!

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